Ever wondered what it’s like to fly extreme aerobatics in a high performance aircraft like you’ve seen on the RED BULL AIR RACE? Well now you can!  Take the Ultimate Thrill Ride in our awesome German built EXTRA 300 mid-wing stunt plane!!  We operate from two locations:  Archer Falls Airfield, our exciting new HQ, is an aviation paradise just one hour drive north of Brisbane in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  We also operate from the   Sunshine Coast Airport close to spectacular beaches and coastline, mainly for aerobatics coaching and training flights.


Can you handle mind numbing ‘G’ forces greater than jet fighter pilot’s encounter? Want to experience the adrenaline pumping through your body as you hurtle vertically towards the ground, pulling out of the dive at over 400 Kph?

Our Extra 300 Aerobatic Stunt Plane is equipped with a state-of-the-art multi-camera video recording system to capture every exciting moment, giving you the option to purchase a high quality recording of your entire flight experience on USB memory stick. Take this home with you on the day and share the Ultimate Thrill Ride experience with family and friends! WE DARE YOU!

Flight Options

Choose your Thrill Ride

Check out all our flights, options, combo packages and special offers available now…..Flight Options
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Learn to Fly

Learn to fly at the Sunshine Coast Aero Club with Senior Instructor Colin Appleton, one of Australia’s most experienced aerobatics pilots and the owner of the Ultimate Thrill Ride….Read More
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Aerobatics Training

Based at the Sunshine Coast Airport, we are the only CASA Approved Specialist Aerobatics Flight Training facility in Queensland…Read More
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The Aircraft

Extra 300 Serial #010 : Empty Weight 670 kg, Max Speed: 220 kts (407 kph), Max Rate of Climb 3,200′ ft p/m, Max Loading (G Force) +10 G / -10 G, Max Roll Rate…..Read More

Into Water and Beyond – TV Feature…

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The Pilots

Flying high performance aerobatic aircraft like the Extra 300 safely and skillfully requires far more training, experience and skill than the average pilot. All our pilots have many years experience in competition aerobatics…Read More

See You Soon For YOUR “Ultimate Thrill Ride” With Us